REACH programming will continue to be remote for 2022-2023! We have created an entirely virtual curriculum to keep our scholars engaged and learning about how to best care for minoritized patients with SUD. Scholar’s feedback is favorable to regular virtual check-ins with our scholars and a Self-Preservation & Healing Module to help scholars care for themselves while they are living and working through this exceptionally challenging time. The tables below display the content of the virtual REACH curriculum, including monthly Webinars and Core Curriculum topics (formerly part of the 1-Week Intensive).

Schedule of Core Curriculum & Webinars for the year (2022-2023)

Speaker Topic
Core Curriculum Melissa Funaro, MS MLS How to Conduct an Effective Scientific Search on Topics for Racial/ Ethnic Minoritized Patients with SUDs
Webinar Prof. Leo Beletsky The Law and its Enforcement as Structural Drivers of Overdose
Core Curriculum Dr. Kimberly Sue The Philosophy and Practice of Harm Reduction
Webinar Dr. Shelia Vakharia Counseling Using Harm Reduction Approach
Core Curriculum Dr. Ayana Jordan Practicing Structural Competency Interviewing
Webinar Dr. Emily Arnold Conducting In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups: Getting Closer to Rich Data
Core Curriculum Dr. Jessica Isom Essential Tools for Disparities Focused Advocacy 101
Webinar Dr. Emma Lo Homelessness, Addiction, and Racial Disparity
Core Curriculum Dr. Sean Murphy Introductory Training on Economic Analysis
Core Curriculum Dr. Caridad Ponce Martinez Caring for Latinx Populations and Systems of Care
Webinar Dr. Kamilla Venner Providing Effective Substance Use Disorder Treatment for American Indian Alaska Native Clients
Core Curriculum Dr. Lisa Puglisi Caring for URMs Involved in the Carceral System Webinar
Core Curriculum Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn Racism in the Medical Field and How it Impacts the Health of Racial/ Ethnic Communities
Webinar Dr. Danielle Jackson Providing Culturally Informed Care to Patients with Substance Use Disorders
Core Curriculum Dr. Jonathan Lassiter Sexual Minority Men, Mental Health, & Substance Use: Highlighting Strengths in the Midst of HIV
Webinar Undrea Wright and Charlotte James- The Ancestor Project Psychedelic-assisted Treatments for SUDs: Current State and Future Directions
Core Curriculum Dr. Derek T. Dangerfield II Behavioral Health Promotion among Black Sexual Minority Men

2022 In Person 3-day Welcome Workshop, Washington, D.C. July 14-17, 2022

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