• Cohort 1 (2019-2020)
    Cohort 1 (2019-2020)

REACH is a 5-year initiative funded by SAMHSA– Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

REACH is a 5-year initiative funded by SAMHSA–Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

The overall goal of the REACH training program is to: (1) Increase the overall number of racial and ethnic minoritized addiction specialists in the Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine workforce, and (2) increase the number of addiction specialists adequately trained to work with racial and ethnic minoritized patients with substance use disorders (SUD).

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We at REACH intimately understand the oppressive and racist forces at play that lead to inequities for racial and ethnic minority folks with substance use disorders. That is why we do things different in our program.

REACH provides a rich and unique experience that pairs people interested in becoming addiction specialists with world renowned mentors, both locally and nationally. These mentors importantly bring different perspectives to the professional development of our scholars.

In addition, REACH provides a hand-tailored culturally-affirming curriculum that includes topics ranging from ‘anthropologic aspects of caring for racial and ethnic minority patients,’ to ‘conducting qualitative research.’ The richness and power of the informational content is carefully selected to enhance Scholar’s learning and potential to become agents of change.

We hope the seeds planted and cultivated through REACH participation will have the power to transform deeply rooted and inherently oppressive forces that continue to persist in our reality. The relationships forged in the cohort extend far beyond the year-long program and joining REACH means joining a life-long supportive network of friends and colleagues. Please join us, we need you, we can’t do this alone.

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