Not only did Eric deliver a moving oral presentation at the plenary session at the AMERSA 2020 conference, but his workshop with Rosalind de Lisser won best workshop at the 2020 conference. He is a rising star! Rosalind is also a REACH Mentor, so this is a double win for the REACH family.

Eric Manbossia
Eric Manbossia
Rosalind de Lisser, MS, FNP, PMHNP
Rosalind de Lisser


We’re pleased to announce the 2020 Best Workshop Award goes to ‚ÄúStructural Competency and Minority Addiction Care: A Skill Building Workshop to Develop a Community Collaborative-Based Intervention‚ÄĚ facilitated by Rosalind De Lisser MS, FNP, PMHNP and Eric Manbossia MS, PMHNP.

“At this time, when there is such an increased urgency to addressing structural racism in our society, it was critical to devote time during the conference to discussing ways to improve the experiences of, and outcomes, for people of color in substance use disorder treatment. Introducing the concepts of structural competency in health care and the use of the Structural Vulnerability Assessment Tool was invaluable to the participants.”
~Jeff Baxter, MD
2020 Workshop Chair