Congratulations Trent O. Hall for your recent publication in the Journal of Addiction Medicine! Check out the article!

Title: Years of Life Lost due to Opioid Overdose in Ohio; Temporal and Geographic Patterns of Excess Mortality
Hall, O. Trent DO; Hall, Orman E. MA; McGrath, Ryan P. PhD; Haile, Zelalem T. PhD

Abstract: Opioid overdose is an increasing cause of preventable mortality in the US and understanding geographic differences is necessary to provide insights into modifiable community risk factors and guide resources for prevention. The aim of this study was to quantify and examine patterns of mortality burden from opioid overdose in Ohio, document the role of fentanyl in poisonings, and measure the effect of opioid overdose on lifespan in the state. The findings indicate that over half a million years of human life were lost in 7 years (calculated as Years of Life Lost) with fentanyl accounting for the growing proportion of excess mortality. Two particular clusters in the Northeastern and Southern regions bore a disproportionate share of the mortality burden.

The paper was the lead story in ASAM weekly. View the paper.

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Trent delivered a lecture at the 29th annual meeting of the Addiction Studies Institute in Columbus, Ohio titled “Methamphetamine Use Disorder: Mechanisms and Medical Complications.”